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VS-Integration GmbH!

The optical and visual inspection is undoubtedly a very promising tool for quality assurance. Therefore, our goal is to use these technologies to optimize existing and new production processes in terms of their productivity and quality.




Often it is not immediately possible to tell whether a project can be implemented or not. That is why we offer feasibility studies in our laboratory or on your premises.


Ispection for Defects & Quality Controls

Existing applications and machines are checked for defects and damage through error detection and quality controls.

Optical  Metrology

Optical metrology can be carried out in 1D, 2D and 3D and is one of the most popular tools for checking dimensional accuracy in the production process.

Robot Vision & Bin Picking

One of our specialties are vision systems in 2D and 3D for bin picking applications. We offer you a variety of made-to-measur solutions that provide your robots with the eye it needs.

Optimization of Existing Controls

Existing controls should also be optimized for an optimal workflow. We therefore analyze work processes and uncover weak points in order to achieve the best possible result for you.

Know-How & Consulting

We would also be happy to conult you in the field of sensor technology and metrology. Further we will support you in choosing the optimal camera systems



Application Solutions

Quality Features Tests


Prüfung - Qualitätsmerkmalen - Defekt
Dimensional Inspections
3D Messungen - Bildverarbeitung - Profilmessung
 Thickness Measurements
Dickenmessung - optische
3D Messtechnik - 3D Bauteil
Dimensionsprüfung - Durchmesser - Höhe


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